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5 Ingredients Of A Strong Thesis For Doctoral Degree

Your professors have high expectations of the research paper that you present at the doctoral level. Specifically, they expect that you have mastered the art of creating a strong and clear thesis statement. Nevertheless, you must not be discouraged if you are still not sure of the ingredients of such a statement. Below are the crucial tips to aid you in the process:

  • It should be specific
  • The statement should focus on a given area of a general topic. If, for instance, you are focusing on cultural barriers that affect organizational effectiveness, you can narrow down to a specific population such as the African-American citizens or the Hispanic population.

  • Focus on precision
  • Your thesis statement should be created with clarity in mind. That way, you will be in a position to create a convincing argument on a topic. You must also demonstrate what you are going to discuss including the effects of your findings in a research.

  • Have forcefulness in mind
  • You must be able to demonstrate that you can make an argument and that you are confident about it. The tone must, therefore, be assertive so that the readers can buy into your new idea on a general topic. Avoid using terms such as I believe and I feel. Instead be sure to use phrases that show you are completely sure that your idea is viable or credible.

  • It should have the capacity to be demonstrated
  • You should always offer reasons and examples to defend your opinion. Personal observation and any relevant information provided by other credible authors will help you in this regard.

  • It should have the ability to be argued
  • When pressed for time and when research becomes overwhelming, it is easier to provide a factual statement. This happens mainly because the relevant data may be readily available. Even so, a fact cannot be argued, which makes a related statement weak. Accordingly, every thesis statement should have a sense of personal perspective.

To be able to write a statement with the above elements, you may have to edit it many times. However, once you get the right statement, the rest of the paper will be easy to complete. Note that professional writers have the skills and experience to create such a statement within short time. Hence, if you are weary of wasting your time in trying to create and edit it, you may pay a small fee and get professional help.

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