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Vital subtleties of MLA dissertation citation format

A thesis is without doubt a key source. This is a stand-alone and finished work written under an institution’s auspices. When citing dissertation MLA, you need to include details such as:

  • The author
  • Publication date
  • Core elements
  • Institution that will be awarding the degree. However, this is an optional part

Citing in MLA

Here are a few key guidelines for citing your dissertation MLA.

  1. Reference list. This part should be included in your reference list or bibliography at the paper’s end.
  2. Template. This should have the surname of the author, followed by his forename, title level, name of the institution, year of publication and print.
  3. In-text citation. Remember to put this part after your reference to a source in the assignment.
  4. If the work is unpublished, you should use quotation marks for the title and ensure that you finish with the end date of the issue of degree. You can tell whether the work has been published or not by looking at the relevant resources.
  5. Make a margin of one inch at the top, bottom as well as the sides.
  6. Ensure that you have indented the first word of every sentence.
  7. You can use any font type that is not difficult to read such as Calibri or Times New Roman.
  8. Ensure that your entire paper is double spaced.
  9. There should be spaces after periods as well as other kind of punctuation marks unless you are told to use two spaces.
  10. Put the page numbers at the upper right-hand corner. Avoid putting a P. prior to the page number.

Use these steps to create your header:

  • Begin in a single inch at the first page’s top and flush with left margin
  • Put down your name, the name of the instructor, course number and date on a separate line. Ensure that you have used a double space on each of these
  • Double space the tile once more and put it at the center. Avoid bolding, underlining or typing the initials using capital letters. The only things that you need to italicize are the words that should normally be italicized in your text
  • Avoid using a period after your title or even after the headings
  • Double space between title as well as the text’s first line

Use these tips to ensure that you get good grades.

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