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Helpful strategy for smart students: how to successfully complete your accounting and finance dissertation

Now that you have gotten near to completing your studies, you will be faced with the big requirement of completing your dissertation. The fact that you have come this far is an indication that you have already completed many writing assignments and perhaps you already enjoy writing. However, one thing that you will find is that it will seem challenging to choose dissertation topics in accounting or complete this task. Here are a few tips from ThesisGeek that will help you to do that.

  • Start writing sooner
    The size of the dissertation may make you to panic. This is why you need to begin writing as soon as you can. There isn’t a limit on the redrafting as well as editing that you need to do. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you get started right away if you will avoid being caught unaware by the deadline.
  • Choose a topic you love
    Ensure that you select dissertation topics in finance that you love. This will enable you to enjoy writing the work.
  • Write in a continuous manner
    After sitting down, you will need to do it continuously. Avoid stopping to do some reading, researching or even editing. Ensure that you research the number of words that you will be writing on that given day before sitting down and writing without having to stop except for the scheduled break.
  • Do not edit
    Like I have already stated, you don’t have to stop to edit. This should come later. In fact a good idea is to schedule some separate time when you can do the editing. Ensure that when you begin writing, you will do that continuously until you create your first draft.
  • Nail down the thesis
    Before you begin writing the dissertation, ensure that you have a solid thesis and created the methodology. In case you find yourself struggling with the dissertation, ensure that you have gone back and reviewed the thesis before making the necessary adjustments.
  • Skip the tough sections
    At times, you will experience a mental block on a certain area. Avoid sitting down and trying to force things out. If you find that a certain section is tough, put it aside and begin writing on another section. You can later go back to the area that you found challenging.
  • Understand when you need to read
    While writing is the most important part, you do not need to ignore the part on reading as well as researching. It is important to understand when you should begin reading again.
  • Schedule the research & writing session
    You will need to come up with a schedule. This should have some research blocks, writing sessions as well as editing sessions.

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