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How To Make Sure That Your Dissertation Contains No Plagiarism

Composing a dissertation is extremely hard work. The amount of time and effort required by students to succeed can be stressful and anxiety inducing. However, after all this hard work, you do not want to be in a situation where your PhD cannot be submitted due to plagiarism.

There are many steps that you can take to ensure that your dissertation is not flagged up for plagiarism. As stressful as composing your dissertation was, it cannot be compared to the stress of finding out that your work contains plagiarised material. This article will also provide help on how dissertation writers can be used to spot and remove any plagiarism in your work.


It is easy enough to find the relevant information to include in your thesis, however it is hard to put this in your thesis without alerting plagiarism detectors. One aspect of paper writing that you need to become skilled and efficient at is paraphrasing. So, you’ve found just the information you need for your paper. Read it, digest it and then put into your own words. Doing this will ensure that your paper does not contain plagiarised material.


Citations, or rather the exclusion of citations is one of the main reasons for why students hand in work that is plagiarised. Although your intentions may be in the right place, submitting work without the relevant citations can lead to plagiarism.

Whenever you use work that is not your own, you need to ensure that you have cited it. Follow the formatting guidelines for your citations that your own institution has set. Many popular citation formats include Harvard, Chicago and APA. If you are unsure about which citation format to use, consult your supervisor. Acquiring relevant dissertation help online can also give you awareness of how to cite your work.


There is little doubt that your thesis will contain and abundant of quotes. Not quoting properly is a very common reason for having your paper flagged up for plagiarism. When you are quoting someone, ensure that the quote is written down exactly how it appears to be in other sources.

Also ensure that quotes are in quote marks as this is a very important distinction to make. As discussed in the section before, your quotes must also be cited properly. Most academics frown upon quotes longer than 40 words so make sure that they are short, concise and get your point across. A dissertation online service can greatly help in improving your quoting skills.


The whole citation process as discussed before is not complete with full referencing. The reference page usually comes at the end of your dissertation, usually title as a bibliography. Here, you need to add further detail about the citations you made during your paper.

For example, if you are referencing a book, then you must include details such as the name of the book, name of the author, the year the book was published and the page number on which the relevant information can be found. The best dissertation service online will help you on your referencing.

Plagiarism Checker

Even if you have followed these tips, it is best to still check your work through a plagiarism checker. This will tell you if any part of your work is plagiarised. It is always a good idea to take the best precautions, just in case.

If you are still not passing plagiarism checkers, it could be a good idea to look for dissertation writer for hire online or through a tutoring service. They will ensure that your final draft is free of any plagiarised material.

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