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Crafting A Dissertation Related To Business And Marketing

Crafting a dissertation related to business and marketing can be a tough task for even the brightest students. However, the fact that you are pushed to your limits motivates many students even more to succeed. Despite this, there are a number of instructions you must take heed of when planning and composing your dissertation on business and marketing.

You need to choose a good topic that interests you, need to do diligent research and plan well. Furthermore, you need to know how to choose good dissertation writing services so that you can receive good assistance with your research.


Choosing an adequate topic for your dissertation is perhaps the hardest part of writing any dissertation, not just for business and marketing. You need to choose your topic carefully, since you will be spending anywhere in the vicinity of many months to years on your dissertation. If you choose a topic that you have no particular interest in pursuing, then you will lose the motivation to produce a high quality piece of research that will impress your faculty.

With this in mind, the ideas listed below will be excellent topics to write a business and marketing dissertation on. If you seek for more options, then it is a good idea to find some dissertation help online.

  • The importance of location on a customer
  • Is loyalty behaviour or an attitude?
  • Loyalty schemes vs customer satisfaction
  • How can stores increase loyalty through relationships?
  • What are the ethics of brand marketing strategies?
  • How does behaviour of management harm brand equity?
  • Effects and implications of direct marketing on consumers
  • Cross-cultural marketing with a focus on FMCG
  • Critical analysis of cultural differences and marketing
  • The role of online marketing on sales


Once you have chosen a topic to focus on, it is time to build a coherent plan to follow. Planning is a crucial aspect of dissertation writing that is very often overlooked by students eager to begin their dissertation. However, it forms an important step to successfully completing your work to a high standard. Online dissertation writing will always include a well followed plan.

The best way to formulate a plan is to write down the main key points you wish to discuss. Underneath these, write down the key evidence you will use to support your argument. The main aspects of your dissertation will be the methodology and its analysis and your results and its analysis. If you need further assistance with planning, then it is recommended that you seek dissertation writing help.


There is a very specific structure to dissertation writing that you need to adhere to. It is a universal structure that is used in academic papers around the world. It is as follows:

  • Abstract: The abstract is a very short summarization of your thesis paper. Since it is the first thing the reader will see, ensure that it is catchy and to the point. Recommended to be around 200-250 words.
  • Introduction: This is your chance to hook your reader into your marketing topic. Use your marketing skills to craft a witty and interesting beginning to your dissertation.
  • Literature Review: This is an analysis of all the important pieces of literature related to your topic.
  • Methodology: It deals with the analysis of the methods you’re going to use in your research.
  • Results and Discussion: Here, you will analyse the results and discuss their impact.
  • Conclusion: This is a summary of your research.

If you are still struggling to craft a dissertation related to business and marketing, then it is a good shout to acquire the assistance of dissertation help services.

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